Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Moving Forward
Where is Forward?

When we think of society and its movement from the past to the present, we like to conceptualize the future. Society moves, some people think. The question is, where is it going? 
To explore further this idea, I need to quote Marshall McLuhan,

"Many of our institutions suppress all the natural direct experience of youth, who respond with untaught delight to poetry and the beauty of the new technological environment, the environment of popular culture" (McLuhan, The medium is the massage).

McLuhan is referring to the educational institutions and the restricted possibilities of the younger generations to explore their own conceptions of their world adopting the old and traditional paradigms that exist to understanding the world. Nevertheless, I want to take this further to convey that not only schools as institutions limit the individuals to conceptualize society in a unique (free from traditional structure) way.

In this project, I approach public signs that are present in every street, road, and highway as representative icons of the social institutions that we as individuals have to follow in order to belong, and keep traditions. I challenge the original meaning of the public signs to comment on social issues that are always present such as child sexual abuse, sex trafficking, but just as these signs on the road, are never paid attention to.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Lynda Barry: An Exemplary Artist